10 Common Cooking Mistakes to Avoid while Dieting


10. You cook everything

Cooking requires more fat than food eaten raw. It’s important that you keep an eye out for foods that you could eat raw. Many of us underestimate the health and weight loss benefits of eating raw foods regularly. Numerous studies show that raw fruits and vegetables are much healthier than raw ones. Raw nuts and seeds are also healthier than roasted ones. Sounds like a good reason to snack on raw pumpkin seeds today!

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Finally, if your careful approach to cooking completely fails to do any good, a weakness for snacking while in the kitchen could be the problem. It’s very easy to absently knock back hundreds of calories over the course of an hour in the kitchen, if you don’t pay attention. When cooking, keep healthy snacks on hand to avoid eating high-calorie foods. Are you guilty of making any of these cooking mistakes?