10 Tricks to Cut Calories from Your Morning Coffee


10. Drink it black

Numerous studies recommend drinking coffee black to reap its health benefits and avoid weight gain. Coffee only has one calorie per cup, so if you can learn to drink it black, it will never make you gain weight. Freshly brewed coffee contains no calories and fat at all, when you make it at home. If you have any health problems, avoid drinking too much coffee. I can’t drink coffee black because of high blood pressure so I usually drink green tea or green smoothies instead of coffee.

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For many dieters, the focus is on food. Unfortunately, fancy coffee drinks can contain just as many calories as a decent lunch or breakfast. Learn to reduce your calorie intake by changing what you drink and you will have more to use on good food. Cutting some calories from your morning coffee can help you drop weight faster. Can you imagine starting your day without coffee?