6 Fall Diet Tricks to Get in Shape for Christmas


A good bit of girls ask for some effective fall diet tips to get in shape for Christmas out there, and I’m never greedy to share. The holiday season is approaching fast and with Halloween upon us, it is time to learn how to diet mindfully in order to look slim and trim on Thanksgiving and Christmas and welcome a new year without all those weight loss resolutions. Without any further fluff, here are some of the best fall diet tips that will help you get fit for Christmas.

1. Stay mindful during cocktail hours

Whether it is a girls’ night, office party or Halloween party, it is impossible to stick to just one cocktail, especially if you are a cocktail junkie. But here is the trick: have a glass of water between cocktails. Plus, order some fat-burning fruit, like a lemon, lime, grapefruit or orange wedge in your drink.

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2. Stock on the most essential diet-friendly ingredients

Fill your pantry with the most essential diet-friendly ingredients, such as balsamic vinegar (for salads), dried fruit, seeds and nuts (for quick snack), plain yogurt (avoid buying fat-free versions as they will trick you into eating more than you need), oats, quinoa, brown rice, and herbs and spices like basil, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, lemongrass, garlic powder, parsley, sage, and thyme, which all can help you replace salt in your meals.

3. Declutter your fridge

Get rid of meat, butter, mayo and anything that can affect your waistline. Instead, clutter your fridge with the staples needed to make super delicious and low-calorie meals, including veggies, fruit, frozen berries, eggs, and cheese. When you don’t have high-calorie foods in your pantry and fridge, you are less likely to make wrong food choices.

4. Fight your laziness with smoothies

When you don’t feel like cooking or you don’t cook at all, you can still get in shape for Christmas. All you need is a blender and all the healthy ingredients mentioned above. Sipping on a smoothie – be it in the morning or evening – is a quick and literally lazy way to get a variety of nutrients your body needs to function properly.

Feel free to experiment with different healthy smoothie ingredients and consider trying pudding smoothies – the latest food trend dieters and nutritionists are raving about. The pudding part made with chia seeds fills you up while all those fruits boost your energy levels.

5. Avoid staying off-track

Just because you ate that piece of cake yesterday doesn’t mean you should starve yourself today. Simply move on. The blame game will not work here. Yes, those extra calories count, but you can burn them within a few days in a healthier way. Keep working out and stick to your usual diet plan.

6. Eat your lunch outdoors

I know it’s cold and rainy at times, but when you want to slim and trim for the holiday season, nothing should stop you. Eating in front of your computer can lead to overeating, not to mention that you don’t move. When you have your lunch outdoors, you eat less and get a tiny dose of exercise while heading back to the office.

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If you read my articles you know that there are many other diet tricks and tips that I didn’t mention here, hoping that you are already aware of them. These six fall diet tips are truly helpful, and when combined with the other diet tips, you will easily get in shape for Christmas and New Year.