Eat Strong: 11 Foods That Build Lean Muscle


If you’re trying to build muscle and trim fat, a good workout is essential. But just as important is creating a meal plan that’s high in the kind of foods that build muscle. No need to cut out an entire food type because you’ve heard rumors. Nutritionists and trainers agree, you need a variety of proteins, fruits, carbohydrates, vegetables, and healthy fats to not only build and maintain muscle, but to lose flab as well. If you are looking to eat strong, make sure you include these 11 foods in your diet plan:

1. Whole Eggs

For a while, eggs got a bad rap. There were stories flying around that cholesterol in egg yolks that had health-conscious people everywhere abandoning yolks for good. But the truth is, eggs are perfectly healthy and an amazing source of protein. If you’re worried about keeping your blood cholesterol levels down, you’re better off keeping the eggs and ditching body fat through exercise instead.