5 Ways to Reshape Your Shopping Cart to Lose Weight


Weight loss experts have said it time and time again. You can spend all the time you like at the gym, but if you do not change your eating habits, you will never see the results you desire.

Exercise is definitely important for that healthy lifestyle, but you have got to get your kitchen on board with the program too. And that means shopping the right way when you go to the supermarket. So how do you upgrade your shopping cart in order to see the weight loss results you are craving?

1. Make it a rainbow

And not the kind from Skittles either. In fact, those should never be in your cart! Your cart should be a cornucopia of colors from fruits and vegetables. Don’t think for a second it needs to be boring either. Choose what you will eat, and if healthy foods seem mystifying, try getting into them in smart ways like choosing fresh carrot and celery sticks to scoop up hummus, or adding nut butter to slices of fresh apples.

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2. Stay out of those middle aisles

Your time at the supermarket should seldom be spent perusing those middle aisles where you find all the processed foods. If you start eating cleaner and eating real foods without additives and preservatives, you are going to start feeling better almost immediately.

The only things you should be grabbing from these aisles are things that have four ingredients or less and are 100% whole grain items, like pasta or canned beans, for example.

3. Keep treats to a minimum

If you have a sweet tooth, depriving it will only make you more likely to binge. So pick just one treat that you can portion out, like individually wrapped cookies or frozen yogurt bars. By having a little sweet to satisfy your cravings, it will keep you from going overboard.

4. Stop drinking your calories

Do you habitually pick up sodas and juices? Stop this bad habit now. While having the occasional soda will not hurt anything, if you drink it every day, it is time to make a change.

Make water your daily beverage of choice. If you find it too bland, add a wedge of lemon to it, which will also give you more vitamin C in addition to great flavor!

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5. Freeze out frozen meals

Frozen veggies and fruits are one thing. They are frozen at the peak of freshness and can be a godsend when you have had a busy day and need to get a healthy meal on the table. But those frozen meals?

Just say no. They are filled with sodium, sugar, and refined grains, all of which can wreck your waistline. In the same amount of time it takes to nuke one, you could make a healthy and fresh meal.

Make these tips a priority and you will see a change for the better in your health and your journey to weight loss. What guilty pleasures will you be avoiding putting in your cart?