9 Types of Bread for Weight Loss


9. Homemade Bread

Making bread is as easy as mixing flour, water, and yeast together. The benefits, however, are almost too numerous to list. The biggest benefit of making your own bread is that you get to control what goes into it. You can leave out the sugar, add molasses, replaced sugar with honey, change the type of flour you use, add seeds, throw in fruit, or do anything else you desire. Having control over what goes into your bread allows you to make an outstanding loaf that is low in calories and high in flavor.

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There is nothing wrong with limiting carbohydrates to lose weight, especially early on in a diet. That said, carbohydrates are among the most effective foods at satisfying huger and suppressing appetite. Consciously eating the right kind of carbohydrate can help you avoid cravings that come from not eating carbs at all. It is better to plan what carbs you intend to eat so that you have healthy carbs on hand rather than expect to be able to avoid the “bad carbs” when hunger strikes and you haven’t planned. What’s your favorite type of bread?