10 Nifty Ways to Stick to Your Diet at Parties


The holiday season is a scary time for those who want to shed pounds. In fact, every season of the year has its parties, get-togethers, and celebrations. You can’t miss out on all the fun, so you need to learn how to attend these functions and remain true to your diet. When you attend social events, you have to remember the two most important things – moderation and your diet goals. Yes, it seems obvious, but most dieters trick themselves into thinking they will burn all those calories during intense workout the next day after party. Nonsense. Follow these 10 diet-friendly tips to enjoy the food during the holiday season.

1. Mingle before you eat

Don’t head straight for the food or drinks as soon as you arrive at a party. Kill time by mingling with the host and other guests. If you don’t know many of the guests, introduce yourself. The longer you spend mingling, the less time you have to eat. The trick is to focus on the people, not the food.