10 Nifty Ways to Stick to Your Diet at Parties


The holiday season is a scary time for those who want to shed pounds. In fact, every season of the year has its parties, get-togethers, and celebrations. You can’t miss out on all the fun, so you need to learn how to attend these functions and remain true to your diet. When you attend social events, you have to remember the two most important things – moderation and your diet goals. Yes, it seems obvious, but most dieters trick themselves into thinking they will burn all those calories during intense workout the next day after party. Nonsense. Follow these 10 diet-friendly tips to enjoy the food during the holiday season.

1. Mingle before you eat

Don’t head straight for the food or drinks as soon as you arrive at a party. Kill time by mingling with the host and other guests. If you don’t know many of the guests, introduce yourself. The longer you spend mingling, the less time you have to eat. The trick is to focus on the people, not the food.

2. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water will both hydrate you and fill you up, which will help you eat less food during a party. It’s important to remember that people often mistake thirst for hunger and eat before having a glass of water. Always make sure to have a glass of water before you eat.

3. Occupy yourself with other things

Once you’ve started eating at a party it can be difficult to stop. The food at parties can be really good and extremely tempting. To cut down on the amount of time you spend eating, put your plate away and focus on something else. If other people are playing a game, join in. If there aren’t any activities started yet, be the one to start something. It will help you distract yourself from the food for hours.

4. Skip the alcohol

If you have a hard time limiting yourself to just one drink, avoid having any alcoholic drinks at all. The calories will really add up with every additional drink you enjoy. If you do want to enjoy a drink, don’t guzzle it. Sip on it instead and enjoy it for longer. Be careful about drinking sodas as well. Too much of anything isn’t good for your diet. Water should be your number one drink of choice.

5. Don’t arrive hungry

You might think it’s a good idea to eat very light or eat nothing at all before you attend a party, but that’s actually the worst mistake you can make. By the time you arrive at the party you’re going to feel famished. Everything you lay eyes on will tempt you and probably win. You’d never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, so never go to a party hungry either. Your breakfast should definitely be nutritious.

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6. Eat slowly

Your body can’t register when it’s full for at least 20 minutes, so eat slowly. If you rush through a plate of food in a few minutes, you’re going to think you’re still hungry and head back for more. Focus on eating slowly and chewing your food well to help aid digestion.

7. Load up on fruits and veggies

Filling your plate with fruits and veggies is a fabulous way to stick to your diet during a party. It’s important to allow yourself little treats though. Just make sure they are actually little. Take a thin slice of cake or share with your spouse or friend. Instead of having three tarts, eat just one.

8. Bring a healthy dish

Whether you’re attending a potluck or not, you’ll probably want to bring something for everyone to enjoy. If you do bring food, make it something healthy, so that if need to be, you can eat some of it too. Let your friends know about your diet goals so that they cook something healthy too.

9. Exercise before the party

To feel better about going to a party and indulging a little bit (without overdoing it), workout before you attend the party. You should be able to enjoy parties guilt-free and exercising is a great way to do it. You will rev up your metabolism, which is always a good thing. You may also make better food choices after you’ve worked out because you don’t want to undo your hard work.

10. Don’t go back for seconds

It’s tempting to go back and get more food when it’s so delicious and beautifully decorated like cupcakes, but avoid doing this. You don’t want or need the extra calories. Also avoid grazing. Don’t pass by the food or snack table often, picking up a cracker here or a bite-sized brownie there. The calories will add up and one intense workout won’t help you. Keep this in mind before you eat something.

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It’s possible to attend parties and stick to your diet. You just need to have a plan before you get there for how you’ll handle situations involving food. Whether you find yourself at a party or a restaurant, you will know how to enjoy the food without wrecking your diet and weight loss goals. Eating in moderation will leave you and your waistline feeling truly happy.