10 Nifty Ways to Stick to Your Diet at Parties


10. Don’t go back for seconds

It’s tempting to go back and get more food when it’s so delicious and beautifully decorated like cupcakes, but avoid doing this. You don’t want or need the extra calories. Also avoid grazing. Don’t pass by the food or snack table often, picking up a cracker here or a bite-sized brownie there. The calories will add up and one intense workout won’t help you. Keep this in mind before you eat something.

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It’s possible to attend parties and stick to your diet. You just need to have a plan before you get there for how you’ll handle situations involving food. Whether you find yourself at a party or a restaurant, you will know how to enjoy the food without wrecking your diet and weight loss goals. Eating in moderation will leave you and your waistline feeling truly happy.