10 Profound Ways to Break Your Snacking Habit


Be it a late night or midday snacking, this habit can sabotage your weight loss goals. Do you feel like you could lose weight if only you could manage to control your between meal snacks? Fear not as there are plenty of helpful tips you can try. Check out the following ten tips to see if you can overpower your snack cravings.

1. Keep healthy snacks handy

Keep healthy snacks handy so that you don’t reach for something that can ruin your waistline. Think options like celery sticks and zucchini slices. Your mind will tell you that you are not being deprived (since you know you have snacks readily available), yet your cravings won’t get the best of you since your only options aren’t very tempting.

2. Consider time

Set time limits for your snacking. Make hard and fast rules like no snacking between breakfast and lunch. Do not allow yourself to eat any snacks after a certain time and only allow yourself water after your cut-off time.

3. Watch your protein intake

Choose only high-protein snacks. Do not allow yourself indulgences like snack crackers or granola bars. Choose options like cheese sticks or pepperoni slices instead. Protein food choices will keep you feeling full longer and will not instantly raise your insulin level. The more protein snacks you choose, the less frequently you will end up snacking.

4. Avoid the big bites

If you absolutely must give in to your cravings, munch on tiny pieces instead of big bites. Cut a cucumber slice into quarters. Eat an apple in tiny cubed pieces. The smaller the pieces, the longer it will take you to eat. This gives your tummy time to catch up with your mouth and will help you to stop gorging yourself on snack foods.

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5. Break a sweat first

Teach yourself that any snack has to come with a pre-paid penalty. Want that banana that has been calling out to you from the kitchen? Allow yourself that treat only if you go for a thirty minute walk first. Finding it difficult to resist that container of yogurt in the fridge? Tell yourself no problem as long as you complete a five mile bike ride on the stationary cycle first. Going to remain on your seat equals no treat. Pretty soon those cravings will seem a lot less tempting when you know you have to break a sweat first.

6. Shy away from empty calories

Replace empty calories at meal times with more filling options. Instead of lettuce, think legumes. Instead of potatoes, choose tofu. Foods that quickly convert to sugar will leave you feeling hungry much faster than low-glycemic foods. If you are not feeling hungry, the chance of snacks tempting you will greatly diminish.

7. Give your cravings a negative connotation

Get in the habit of thinking about starving children and animals elsewhere in the world each time you experience a food craving. This thought-pattern works especially well at meal times too. Instead of cravings overpowering you, giving your cravings a negative connotation will lessen their impact. When you make a conscious choice to consider how blessed you are just to enjoy three meals a day, the uncontrollable urge to snack instantly becomes controllable.

8. Trick your brain and stomach

Brush your teeth immediately after you finish your evening meal. Rinse with mouthwash. Knowing you have already cleaned your teeth can help you say no to nightly cravings.

9. Opt for super tiny snacks

If you must indulge in a midday snack, consider opting for a spoon of full-fat peanut butter with no added sugar. Chances are mighty good that you actually don’t need a large snack and the peanut butter taste will be enough to satisfy your craving. Enjoy your tasty treat slowly and savor the nuttiness on your tongue. Follow up with a full glass of water.

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10. Make ice chips

Consider ice chips as an evening snack. You will have the chewing and crunching sensation of snacking without any extra calories. This idea isn’t for everyone, but many dieters claim this trick works for them. Give it a try, if this idea sounds appealing to you.

These are just ten of numerous ways you can break your snacking habit. Sometimes little tricks and changes can make a huge difference as you move through your weight loss journey. Do you think any of these ideas will help you reduce your waistline and live a healthier life?