10 Amazingly Tasty Detox Diet Drinks


Nature is full of fruits, vegetables and nuts that come with powerful detoxifying properties. You don’t need to touch another detox supplement if you allow these ingredients in your diet each day. With the right recipes, you won’t need to worry about depressing taste or calories. The detox smoothies on this list are both delicious and great for your waistline.

1. Raspberry cherry smoothie

If you don’t know a lot about raspberries, a bright pink raspberry cherry smoothie may not seem like a serious detox idea. Raspberries, though, help your body produce plenty of detoxifying enzymes. You need fresh or frozen raspberries and cherries, and almond milk for this smoothie. Blend these ingredients with honey, fresh ginger, flaxseed and lemon juice to have a great detoxifier that’s only 112 calories.

2. Kale-and-fruit smoothie

Kale is one of the best detoxifiers around. It’s fortified with important vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, K, iron, folate and magnesium. The kale-and-fruit smoothie is a good source of antioxidants as well. For a delicious kale smoothie, you can blend it with parsley, celery, mango, oranges and mint. Not only will you help your body efficiently flush toxins out, you will improve your digestion, boost your immune system and combat mood swings.

3. Kale detox smoothie

Full of the vitamins B6, K and A, kale is a powerful way to help your liver as it goes about detoxifying your system each day. It’s important enough to try in multiple recipes. Kale’s antioxidant properties keep well, too. You can make a large batch to keep in the fridge for a full day. Try a kale detox smoothie with cilantro, almond, cucumber, pear, avocado, ginger and coconut water.

4. Spirulina detox breakfast drink

Spirulina is a safe, edible species of bacteria that has powerful detoxifying effects. If you live in a place with air and water that is contaminated with heavy metals, spirulina helps flush all traces of the contaminants out of your system. You can make a great kale smoothie with spirulina, avocado, almond milk, banana, blueberries and vanilla.

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5. Papaya, orange and carrot smoothie

Papaya is an in-demand cleanser. It has great antioxidant properties, it’s a natural laxative that’s used in organic colon cleansers, and it’s wonderful way to soothe a fussy digestive system. Blend papaya, carrot, orange, honey, lime and coconut water until smooth and enjoy. This healthy smoothie is perfect for breakfast.

6. Jicama body cleanser

Jicama is a native Mexican root vegetable. While you could use it to make chips, it’s a great way to flush out your system when eaten raw. It helps the kidneys work efficiently. For a jicama smoothie, blend a cucumber, avocado, lettuce, apple, cilantro, lime and dates. For a variant of this smoothie, you can try strawberry instead of apple.

7. Cucumber-kale smoothie

As common a vegetable as cucumber is, it is one of nature’s most powerful detoxifiers. It’s been in use in Chinese medicine for centuries. Rich in vitamin E, it helps slow the effects of aging on the skin. In traditional Chinese medicine, cucumber is also prescribed for anxiety and insomnia. If you don’t feel like picking up a cucumber when your need refreshment, try the cucumber-kale smoothie. Along with the cucumber, throw in apple, celery, lemon and kale in the blender.

8. Detoxify your liver with strawberry juice

Strawberries are powerhouses of phytonutrients – natural chemicals that include antioxidants, ellagic acid and flavonoids that help detoxify the liver and fight cancer. Drink a strawberry juice at least once a day or make some strawberry smoothie. For a refreshing strawberry smoothie, blend strawberries with almond milk, lemon zest, orange, banana and spinach.

9. Mint and apple juice

The healing powers of apple are very well-known. Apple is so good at detoxification that dietitians often recommend wholly apple-based detox diets. The pectin in apple helps detoxify the circulatory system and its fiber helps cleanse the digestive system. Blend green apple, organic leaf lettuce, mint and hemp hearts together for a delicious drink.

10. Cleanse with barley grass

Barley grass is the leaf of the barley plant. Rich in 18 amino acids needed in cell building, it helps in cell regeneration and detoxification. Most people use it in powdered form. For a barley grass smoothie, you’ll need mango, lettuce, cucumber, lemon and apple, in addition to the powder.

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With such delicious and healthy smoothies to brighten up your days, health now requires less effort than ever. Summer is almost here, which means eating healthier will be easier and cheaper. Although the best time to have a detox drink is in the morning, you can enjoy one before lunch or dinner as well. What’s your way to detoxify your body? Any detox drink recipes to share?