10 Signs Your Diet Is Imbalanced in Nutrients


Malnutrition is often associated with a lack of food, but it’s just as likely to occur when you do not get enough nutrients in your food. People with an imbalanced diet can suffer from a form of malnutrition because they don’t get a good range of vitamins or minerals.

A well-balanced diet is the best way to give your health a boost, but many foods do not have the same nutrients they did a few decades ago. The soil the plants are grown in is not as full of nutrients as it once was, thanks to over-farming and poor growing techniques. Here are 10 signs your diet may be imbalanced in nutrients.

1. Weakness

Ongoing weakness is a symptom of many different nutritional deficiencies. Anemia, or the lack of iron, can cause the body to feel weak. Other deficiencies that may cause muscle fatigue and overall tiredness include B12 and potassium. Stop dieting and see your doctor to improve your overall health. Then, consult your dietitian before starting any new diet plan.