7 Reasons the Paleo Diet Isn’t Right for You


The most searched-for diet term of 2013-2014, the paleo diet focuses on mimicking the way our ancient ancestors ate. Proponents of the diet plan say that bypassing the types of food produced by modern agriculture, including wheat, legumes, dairy, refined sugars and starchy tubers, they can eat closer to the way Paleolithic man did. And in the process, lose weight and improve their overall health. However, there are some serious flaws in the paleo theory. Here are a few important reasons why Paleolithic eating might not be what it’s cracked up to be.

1. Evolution

One of the main reasons why we shouldn’t attempt to eat like our Paleolithic ancestors is because biologically, we are nothing alike. Keep in mind that the Paleolithic era took place more than 2 million years ago. Since then, our bodies have changed, evolved and adapted to be completely different. As we changed our eating habits, our biology and physiology changed along with it. You wouldn’t go back to eating baby food and formula as an adult, why would you want to eat like ancient man did?