9 Crucial Reasons to Eat Healthy Instead Of Dieting


There is a huge difference between eating healthy and dieting. While dieting may force you to give up some of the bad things you eat, you also have to give up so much more. Diets are usually very unrealistic and in some cases can be bad for your health. Sure, there are several times when you need to stick to some kind of diet, but you should never do it without consulting your doctor or nutritionist. I definitely don’t promote dieting; I do promote healthy eating, which many of us end up correlating with dieting. Whether you want to shed weight or boost your health, check out 9 crucial reasons why you should focus on eating healthy instead of dieting.

1. Dieting is temporary

A diet isn’t something you do for life. Diet fads come and go and people try them in hopes of losing a few pounds quickly. Juice fasting, cabbage soup diets, high protein diets, and all the others that will come and go aren’t going to be diets you’re on for very long. Focus on meal planning instead of sticking to a strict diet to feel healthier and look slimmer.

2. Once you stop a strict diet the weight will return

Imagine that you ate nothing except cabbage for a week and managed to drop a few pounds. You’re happy with the results, but as soon as you go back to eating the way you did before you’re going to put the weight back on. You will also gain weight because your body will fear another starvation period and store up just in case.

3. You’ll feel deprived of the things you can’t have

When you diet, the list of things that you cannot eat is really long. You’re going to feel like you’re always missing out. When you eat a healthy and well-balanced diet you can enjoy the things you love in small amounts. Eating 7-8 small, healthy meals is always better than eating 1-2 big ones. You don’t starve yourself and keep your weight under control at the same time.

4. You’ll build better habits by learning to eat healthy

Eating healthy can set the tone for the rest of your life. Habits take a bit of time to implement. It’s doing things over and over until they become second nature that become part of your life. When you learn portioning and explore new foods, you can take those things with you all your life for a fit and healthy life.

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5. You’ll be a better example for your kids

Children are sponges who see and hear everything you do. They hear you when you belittle your own body and they will grow up learning to do the same. By eating healthy instead of dieting, you can teach your children that eating well and being active is the way to get the results you want for a strong and healthy body. Your children will follow in your footsteps, so lead them in the right direction.

6. You’ll get the nutrients you need

Diets can be very limiting, which results in a deficiency of important vitamins, minerals, and fibre that your body needs. When you eat a well-balanced diet, you get the variety that your body needs to function well. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein will give your body everything it needs.

7. You won’t have to obsess over calories

Going on a strict diet really scare you into obsessing over every single calorie that you consume. By learning about healthy foods and proper portions along with being active, you will be able to maintain a healthy weight without obsessing over whether you can have a chocolate chip cookie now and then. Counting calories can be tricky, not to mention that oftentimes it doesn’t help with weight loss.

8. You’ll have much more energy

Dieting can really zap your energy, especially if you are a constant yo-yo dieter. The body can’t handle getting lots of food for one week and being starved the next. Your weight will go up and down, as will your hormones, and your overall energy. One day you might feel amazing and the next you’ll feel like you’ve been run over by a truck. Healthy eating helps to stabilize everything.

9. Dieting is boring

There is no fun in dieting. It’s all about counting calories, staying away from certain foods, and depriving yourself. You spend a lot of time thinking about how to avoid eating extra calories. Dieting can lead to mood swings, stress, depression and a number of health issues. When you eat healthy, the world of food is wide open to you. There are endless recipes to try that are good for your waistline and your taste buds.

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If you want to lose weight and be healthy for the long-term, eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet is definitely the way to go. Dieting is only a temporary fix that won’t leave you satisfied for very long. Master the art of mindful eating, exercise regularly and stay positive (a bad mood causes weight gain!) – these are the main rules for your slim and healthy body. Do you think eating healthy is better than dieting?