9 Crucial Reasons to Eat Healthy Instead Of Dieting


There is a huge difference between eating healthy and dieting. While dieting may force you to give up some of the bad things you eat, you also have to give up so much more. Diets are usually very unrealistic and in some cases can be bad for your health. Sure, there are several times when you need to stick to some kind of diet, but you should never do it without consulting your doctor or nutritionist. I definitely don’t promote dieting; I do promote healthy eating, which many of us end up correlating with dieting. Whether you want to shed weight or boost your health, check out 9 crucial reasons why you should focus on eating healthy instead of dieting.

1. Dieting is temporary

A diet isn’t something you do for life. Diet fads come and go and people try them in hopes of losing a few pounds quickly. Juice fasting, cabbage soup diets, high protein diets, and all the others that will come and go aren’t going to be diets you’re on for very long. Focus on meal planning instead of sticking to a strict diet to feel healthier and look slimmer.