9 Simple Tricks to Achieve Your Dream Body


Too many people approach getting into better shape as a daunting, far off goal. The reality is that it’s completely possible to start eating for the body you want right now. Forget fads, starvation diets, pills and expensive programs. If you really want to shed pounds and create a better lifestyle, follow these simple steps for a leaner, happier, healthier you.

1. Set realistic goals

Before you can eat for the body you want, you need to know what that body is. Your goal should not be to quickly shed every scrap of unwanted weight without making any major changes to the way you eat and live. That kind of thinking only sets yourself up for failure. Instead, make a detailed plan of the kind of lean, toned, strong and most of all healthy body you are after.

Then break down that plan into smaller, more manageable steps. You can also set a reward system in place for every time you lose a certain number of pounds or drop a percentage of body fat. Just make sure your rewards aren’t counterproductive. Stop using food and sweets as rewards, and treat yourself to a day at the spa, new clothes, or a day at the beach instead.