8 Dieting Dilemmas and How to Overcome Them


Diets are a difficult thing to stick to. The first few days are the easiest because you’re so motivated. It quickly becomes a little more difficult to stick to the plan you’ve set up for yourself. Although I usually recommend people to stop dieting and starving themselves, I also try to write about different diets and their dilemmas to help people reach their weight loss goals. Read on to discover 8 dieting dilemmas you may face and a few tips on how to overcome them.

1. You’re temped by those around you

This is a very common problem for people who are trying to diet. The people around you are going to tempt you. They’re going to encourage you to have just one slice of pizza or indulge in the pasta dish they know you love so much. Other people aren’t going to care as much about your diet as you do. Friends, family, and even strangers sometimes will tempt you to stray from your diet. Instead of allowing them to convince you to eat something you don’t want, kindly remind them you’re on a diet and would appreciate their support. If they can’t give their support, you might decide to see them less.

2. You want instant results

Trying to lose weight is going to be frustrating and there are going to be times when you want to quit, but it’s important to know that losing weight takes time. Putting the weight on didn’t happen overnight and neither will taking it off. Quitting will only postpone your weight loss even longer. It’s important to be patient when losing weight. If you’re doing all of the right things, you will lose the weight.

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3. You change diet plans constantly

Changing diet plans all the time isn’t good for your body. Your energy will go up and down unpredictably. You won’t feel satisfied either, which may cause you to indulge more than you would like. Instead of changing diet plans when you feel like one isn’t working, choose a diet plan that always you to eat healthy foods and also have a treat now and then.

4. You weigh in all the time

This can be a very discouraging thing to do when you’re dieting. It’s like expecting instant results, but it’s a more obsessive habit. You might start weighing in once a day, then you start doing it twice just to make sure. Instead of weighing in every day and becoming obsessed over every ounce and pound, hide your bathroom scale and weigh in once a week. It’s normal for your body weight to fluctuate throughout the month, so don’t be discouraged if you are up a pound one week.

5. You drink extra calories

Water can be boring, no doubt about it. But before you head for the juice, coffee, or alcohol, try making a better tasting water that you’ll enjoy drinking. Add lemon and lime slices to your water. You can also drink tea and add a slice of lemon or some honey.

6. You are hungry all the time

If you’re hungry all the time, this is from eating too little food. You can eat normal portions of food if you’re eating a healthy diet. You don’t want to eat too little because your body will go into starvation mode, which can actually result in weight gain. Fill up on fruits and veggies and you won’t feel as hungry.

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7. You’re craving the foods you’re used to eating

This is going to happen, but don’t give in. You may be used to eating lunch at the pizza place once a week, but in order for your diet to be successful, you need to quit this bad habit. Go cold turkey instead of trying to wean yourself off the habit because the more you taste it the longer it will take to stop craving it.

8. You rely on packaged snacks

Packaged, pre-portioned snacks can be a saviour, but they aren’t the healthiest choices. They are usually still sugary and they contain more carbs than you’re trying to consume. If you want to enjoy healthy snacks all you have to do is open your fridge. If you have fruit, string cheese, or yogurt you have a snack.

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There are plenty of hurdles that come along with dieting, but they can all be overcome. Just plan your meals and snacks, exercise regularly, stay motivated, and you will definitely reach your weight loss goal. If you have any questions or tips to share, the comments section is waiting!