10 Common Cooking Mistakes to Avoid while Dieting


A good part of succeeding at dieting depends on giving up prepared and processed foods in favor of home cooking. Yet, even if you are careful about the ingredients you buy, it’s still easy to lose your way in the kitchen. The next time you need to head into the kitchen, try to avoid making these mistakes. You will reach your weight loss goals faster as well as improve your overall health. Remember, a healthy diet is the key to your longer life.

1. Cooking starch and fat together

You need both fat and starch in your diet to stay healthy. Combining them in a meal, though, isn’t a good idea. For instance, it could seriously set back your weight loss goals to make a sweet potato salad with olive oil dressing. Any time you need to cook a starchy food – grains, beans or anything else – you need to use no more than 2 or 3 teaspoons of fat.