10 Things Your Cravings Say About Your Diet


Do you crave salty potato chips, creamy ice-cream or the sweet flavor of rich, dark chocolate? Today, traditional elimination diets are nutrient deficient, which means you’re probably missing out on valuable nutrients. Here are ten things your cravings are telling you about your diet. Pay close attention to your cravings to figure out what you need to do in order to stay slim and healthy.

1. Sweets

Many people crave sweets, but did you know what it means? Cravings for candy, frosting, cakes and other goodies are an indication of fluctuations in your blood sugar. However, giving into to those cravings could make matters worse as blood sugar spikes will eventually leave you craving more. When the sweet tooth bites, eat fruit along with foods high in fiber to satisfy the cravings and stabilize your blood sugar. High blood sugar levels can cause damage to your blood vessels and can even lead to diabetes.