10 Ways to Eat Cayenne Pepper to Shed Weight


There are tons of healthy foods out there but cayenne pepper is one of the absolute healthiest. It has been scientifically proven to be an anti-irritant, an anti-cold and flu agent, an anti-allergen, a detox aid, and a joint-pain reliever. But the big reason that it has exploded in mainstream popularity in the past couple of years is because of its power as a weight loss aid.

Cayenne pepper has incredible weight loss benefits. It helps to speed up the metabolism and suppress the appetite. Studies have shown that consuming cayenne pepper with a meal causes you to eat 60 calories less on average with your next meal. It also helps you burn an extra 10 calories during this time period. Here are some easy ways to eat cayenne pepper to shed weight.

1. Grow at home

When it comes to the weight loss benefits of cayenne pepper, it’s important to understand the difference between store-bought cayenne pepper and that grown at home. Cayenne pepper is cheap and available in the grocery store but it’s even more affordable and healthier when you grow it at home. While it’s easy to grow in small containers, you can do it indoors too. If you are serious about adding cayenne pepper to your diet to lose weight, then you need to consider growing it yourself.