10 Clean Eating Mistakes You Could Be Making


You won’t drink gallons of soda or eat junk food as these habits obviously derail weight loss. However, there are some not so obvious mistakes that you might be making to slow down your progress. Clean eating is a popular diet trend these days. Many women choose to stick to a clean diet in order to improve health, drop weight and keep it under control. If you are one of them, it’s crucial to know these ten cleaning eating mistakes you could be making right now.

1. Carb or not to carb?

It’s unfortunate that popular diets paint carbs as the hidden culprit that are responsible for obesity and a host of weight-related complications. Dieters often overlook carbs’ many functions, which includes providing an accessible source of energy and supporting brain function. Fruits and vegetables are “good” carbs that reduce your risk of disease and provide a credible source of feel-full fiber. Eat three servings of whole grains daily, and you’ll reduce your total body fat as long as you maintain an otherwise healthy diet.

2. Too much dietary fat

Years ago, a high-fat diet was unthinkable, but today, modern diets such as the Paleo diet give the green light to egg yolks, sausage, red meats, and other fat-filled foods. While dietary fat is essential for hormone health and brain function, and beneficial for weight loss, too much of it will hurt your otherwise clean diet. Your fat consumption contributes to your daily calorie intake, so the more you eat, the less you’ll have for other foods. Even if you eat avocados or cashews or dress your salad with olive oil, remember that every little bit counts.

3. Using too much fruit

The fruit bowl might seem like one of the safest places for clean eating. For years, you’ve heard the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but does that saying apply to bananas, pears, and strawberries? Unfortunately, fruits are loaded with natural sugar, so you must eat them in moderation. Reach for fruits that are high in fiber and antioxidants, such as berries, kiwi, and grapefruit, and you’ll get more bang for your buck.

4. Overeating after workouts

Does an intense workout give you a pass to eat as much as you want afterward? Quenching your thirst with a high-calorie sports drink or calming your stomach with a huge burger almost guarantees a reversal of the calories you just burnt. Plan your meals before your workout so you won’t be tempted to eat whatever’s in sight. Drink lots of water to replace lost fluids.

5. Underestimating your calorie intake

Eating small meals throughout the day is an effective strategy for most people. However, if you’re nibbling on nuts, protein bars and cream-cheese filled celery sticks between your mini-meals, you can escalate your calorie count and throw your nutrition off-balance. Measure everything, including your snacks, and you will keep your diet on track.

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6. Weekend binging

Spring is the perfect time for picnics and BBQ. Relaxing on the weekends is no reason to relax your clean eating habits. It’s a simple matter to indulge in forbidden treats when you’re out on the town or relaxing in front of the television. Avoid weekend binging and use the free time to find new ways to incorporate healthy foods into your diet.

7. Eating too few calories

Don’t fall into the trap of extremely low-calorie diets. These are hard to maintain, lead to sabotage, and could compromise your health. Consuming too few calories each day is bad for your health and weight loss. Women should eat at least 1,200 calories and men 1,500 calories a day. Keep track of your calorie intake to avoid any issues. Maybe it’s time to start looking for some effective weight loss app to help you count calories with little effort.

8. Filling up the blender

It’s easier to shed weight with nutritious, delicious, and quick-and-easy-to-make smoothies. Fruit smoothies and green smoothies make perfect breakfast or snack choice. You might think there’s nothing wrong if you’re filling up your blender with low-calorie fruits or vegetables when you make smoothies. But double or triple portions are the fastest way to gain weight. Measure out the ingredients before you throw them into your blender.

9. Not including enough protein

One of the most common clean eating mistakes most dieters make is consuming too few protein. Protein is essential for muscle repair and development, which improves your body’s calorie burning efficiency. Soy products, lean meats, milk, almond milk, pumpkin seeds and nut butters are some ways to add more protein to your diet. Again, don’t forget about moderation.

10. Feeding your thirst

Many people ask me how to differentiate hunger and thirst. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger and those intense cravings are not necessarily a call for more food. Try drinking a glass of water to see if it eliminates cravings. I usually have a glass of lemon water, and wait at least 10-15 minutes to see if I’m actually hungry or not.

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When spring comes, we tend to start looking for the ways to detox the body and drop excess pounds. Clean eating may be a great option, but you need to know the basic principles. Avoid making these ten common mistakes to enjoy wonderful results during the summer season.