10 Clean Eating Mistakes You Could Be Making


You won’t drink gallons of soda or eat junk food as these habits obviously derail weight loss. However, there are some not so obvious mistakes that you might be making to slow down your progress. Clean eating is a popular diet trend these days. Many women choose to stick to a clean diet in order to improve health, drop weight and keep it under control. If you are one of them, it’s crucial to know these ten cleaning eating mistakes you could be making right now.

1. Carb or not to carb?

It’s unfortunate that popular diets paint carbs as the hidden culprit that are responsible for obesity and a host of weight-related complications. Dieters often overlook carbs’ many functions, which includes providing an accessible source of energy and supporting brain function. Fruits and vegetables are “good” carbs that reduce your risk of disease and provide a credible source of feel-full fiber. Eat three servings of whole grains daily, and you’ll reduce your total body fat as long as you maintain an otherwise healthy diet.