10 Foolproof Ways to Practice Portion Control


In a world where many restaurants supersize their portions to sell larger quantities of food, it can be hard to have a reasonable internal feel for how much you should eat at a meal. If you’re trying to lose weight, paying attention to portion control can be a great step to take. Here are tips to help you know that you’ve had enough.

1. Rethink what a plate is

The size of the standard dinner plate has grown 30% over the past 50 years. Some experts believe that the creep in size is part of an effort by restaurants to sell more food: the bigger the plate, the more food it holds, and the more the restaurants are able to sell. It can be an excellent start to your attempts at portion control to reverse plate size-creep. Eating off smaller sized plates can quickly get you to re-learn when to be satisfied with a meal.